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Federate Multiple Camera Networks

  • Centralise all of your CCTV cameras from any location in the world onto one simple screen. See all your cameras live stream and investigate events from 24 hour recordings.

  • Accessible from any desktop computer.

  • Placed on a wall-mounted display unit for an operations centre.

  • Provide Access to Emergency services like Police by simply creating them a secure account and selecting the cameras to provide access to.

Mobile Access & Control

  • Access all cameras from one simple smartphone app. Perfect for executives and managers running a large network, whom are on the go.
  • Make every smart phone a CCTV camera on your system. This features enables any  on-site staff or security to connect their smartphone straight into the network and stream live to base for incident management and recordings.

Mobile Monitoring & Emergency Call Box

  • Have a remote location you need monitoring? In combination with our 4GX network solution, you can cover all your blind spots with 24/7 live monitoring.
  • No server or hard-line internet connection required. Drop off, power on and start monitoring.

  • The remote cameras become just another camera on your network.
  • For public emergencies include a Live Call-Box on the remote camera.

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Licence Plate Recognition “LPR”

  • Capture and store Licence Plates from moving or stationary cars.

  • Use to automatically control entry gates
  • Keep a record of vehicles moving into a managed area.
  • Identify cars performing dangerous driving or fleeing from an incident.

People Counting

  • Automatically count people moving in and out of an area across a line.
  • Understand how many people are using a pathway over time.
  • Understand how many people are entering and leaving an event.

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