SecureGO Saves Time & Creates Revenue Opportunities

SecureGO is an exclusive software platform for integrators and organisations that manage multiple video surveillance networks. The SecureGO software platform simplifies the running of networks and charges a simple ‘per camera’ licence fee. Using the SecureGO Dashboard operators can manage all their networks and cameras in one easy interface, meaning huge time savings, plus the ability to create recurring revenue for ongoing management. To use SecureGO you must be a licenced partner, please contact us to apply.

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Efficient Maintenance

  • 1 dashboard displays all clients and cameras

  • Diagnostic tools enable you to manage your clients systems cost effectively

  • Fix problems pro-actively with outage alerts and rules

  • Reduce call-out overheads

  • Expand your service and business

On Call Tech Support

  • Expert Milestone system engineers in support

  • Routing and networking provided by SecureGO

Administration Simplicity

  • Set access rules by client/organisation

  • Manage recording options

  • Track costs and billing by client

Compare SecureGO

Cost Savings Standard CCTV network SecureGO
Milestone Corporate Licence
Milestone technician to install
Milestone technician to manage  
In-House IT Management
Milestone Interconnect Licence
Milestone software upgrades  
Windows software maintenance
Become an Integrator or Reseller

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