The Secure Go Advantage

Secure Go is a cloud-based software solution for video surveillance networks, and is Australia’s premiere enterprise-grade VSAAS (Video-Surveillance-As-A-Service). Enjoy a simple plug & play set-up and flexibility to add and remove cameras and recording capacity at any time.  From just 1 single camera to a thousand cameras, the platform allows you to seamlessly scale a network up or down as needed – with no onsite hardware or networking required, just plug-in and go. Making it perfect for mobile or remote cameras.

Secure Go is 100% private and secure, and already in operation with a number of Australian companies & government organisations who demand top-grade solutions. Just like renting a car, VSAAS saves you the time & money associated with owning and maintaining hardware and complex IP networks.

Cloud Products

We provide 2 product options to choose from, all run Milestone XProtect video management software hosted in our private, secure Australian data centres. Pay per day, per camera, choose your storage needs and you are up and running – welcome to Video-Surveillance-As-A-Service (VSAAS).

Storage & Recording

Cloud-based computing has revolutionised the IT industry and now it is available for the Video Surveillance Industry. Buy-as-you-go storage and recordings gives flexibility and no upfront hardware costs.

Secure & Private

  • Layer 2 Virtual Private Network

  • Firewall security

  • Routing and networking included

Australian Data Centres

  • Locally hosted – no international exposure

  • Uptime guarantee

Data Guarantee

  • Automatic Backups

  • Fail-safe: never lose your recordings

  • Long-term archiving options

Data Connections

Our secret advantage – Secure Go is a supplier of secure and private Layer 2 Data connections that we recommend you include when choosing Secure Go for your clients. Very competitive prices and routing and networking included gives your clients total security and mobile 4G options.

Mobile 4G

  • Unlimited or flexible data plans

  • Machine 2 Machine(M2M) options

  • Capable of 20Mbps+ upload

  • Secure Layer 2 Private Network

  • No public internet exposure


  • Unlimited data

  • Layer 2 private network

  • No public internet exposure


  • For projects requiring large bandwidth & unlimited data

  • Layer 2 private network with enterprise firewall

  • No public internet exposure

Remote camera locations like this one in Queensland by the Prospect Group can now be connected live into our Video Surveillance systems using a 4G connection from Secure Go. Image: supplied courtesy of The Prospect Group.

Compare Secure Go

Features Standard CCTV network SecureGO
CCTV Management Software    
Unlimited CCTV Cameras
Connect Direct using 4G  
Centralise Multiple Locations To 1 Online Account
No onsite equipment or hardware required
Network Management Dashboard & Diagnostic tools  
Secure Cloud storage in Australia on a private network
Unlimited video storage
Secure Data Connections to Cameras  
Access Cameras from any device  
People counting and other smart analytics options built-in  
Automatic Failover  

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